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(Impact-Faktor aus 2014)

Bartoszek G, Fischer U, Clarenau SC, Grill E, Mau W, Meyer G, Strobl R, Thiesemann R, Nadolny S, Mueller M
Development of an International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)-based standard set to describe the impact of joint contractures on participation of older individuals in geriatric care settings
Arch Gerontol Geriatr . 2015 Jul-Aug;61(1):61-6. Impact-Faktor: 1.853
Bartoszek G, Fischer U, Grill E, Mueller M, Nadolny S, Meyer G
Impact of joint contracture on older persons in a geriatric setting : A cross-sectional study
Z Gerontol Geriatr . 2015 Oct;48(7):625-632. Impact-Faktor: 0.805
Bender A, Jox RJ, Grill E, Straube A, Lule D
Persistent vegetative state and minimally conscious state: a systematic review and meta-analysis of diagnostic procedures
Dtsch Arztebl Int . 2015 Apr 3;112(14):235-42. Impact-Faktor: 3.6
Beraldi A, Kukk E, Nest A, Schubert-Fritschle G, Engel J, Heussner P, Herschbach P
Use of cancer-specific mental health resources-is there an urban-rural divide?
Support Care Cancer . 2015 May;23(5):1285-94. Impact-Faktor: 2.364
Boell BM, Vogt F, Boulesteix AL, Schmitz C
Gender mismatch in allograft aortic valve surgery
Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg . 2015 Sep;21(3):329-35. Impact-Faktor: 1.155
Bonifacio E, Ziegler AG, Klingensmith G, Schober E, Bingley PJ, Rottenkolber M, Theil A, Eugster A, Puff R, Peplow C, Buettner F, Lange K, Hasford J, Achenbach P, Pre PointStudyGroup
Effects of high-dose oral insulin on immune responses in children at high risk for type 1 diabetes: the Pre-POINT randomized clinical trial
JAMA . 2015 Apr 21;313(15):1541-9. Impact-Faktor: 30.387
Bostan C, Oberhauser C, Stucki G, Bickenbach J, Cieza A
Which environmental factors are associated with lived health when controlling for biological health? - a multilevel analysis
BMC Public Health . 2015 ;15():508. Impact-Faktor: 2.26
Boulesteix AL, Stierle V, Hapfelmeier A
Publication Bias in Methodological Computational Research
Cancer Inform . 2015 ;14(Suppl 5):11-9. Impact-Faktor: 0
Boulesteix AL
Letter to the editor: On reviews and papers on new methods
Brief Bioinform . 2015 Mar;16(2):365-6. Impact-Faktor: 9.617
Boulesteix AL
Ten simple rules for reducing overoptimistic reporting in methodological computational research
PLoS Comput Biol . 2015 Apr;11(4):e1004191. Impact-Faktor: 4.87
Bjelland M, Soenens B, Bere E, Kovács É, Lien N, Maes L, Manios Y, Moschonis G, te Velde SJ
Associations between parental rules, style of communication and children's screen time.
BMC Public Health. 2015 Oct 1;15:1002. doi: 10.1186/s12889-015-2337-6.
Buchner H, Rehfuess EA
Cooking and season as risk factors for acute lower respiratory infections in African children: a cross-sectional multi-country analysis
PLoS ONE . 2015 ;10(6):e0128933. Impact-Faktor: 3.234
Casalicchio G, Bischl B, Boulesteix AL, Schmid M
The residual-based predictiveness curve: A visual tool to assess the performance of prediction models
Biometrics . 2015 Dec 17;():. Impact-Faktor: 1.568
Cheminant M, Derrieux C, Touzart A, Schmit S, Grenier A, Trinquand A, Delfau-Larue MH, Lhermitte L, Thieblemont C, Ribrag V, Cheze S, Sanhes L, Jardin F, Lefrere F, Delarue R, Hoster E, Dreyling M, Asnafi V, Hermine O, Macintyre E
Minimal Residual Disease monitoring by 8-color flow cytometry in Mantle Cell Lymphoma: an EU-MCL and LYSA study
Haematologica . 2015 Dec 24;():. Impact-Faktor: 5.814
Cieza A, Sabariego C, Anczewska M, Ballert C, Bickenbach J, Cabello M, Giovannetti A, Kaskela T, Mellor B, Pitkanen T, Quintas R, Raggi A, Switaj P, Chatterji S,
PARADISE 24: A Measure to Assess the Impact of Brain Disorders on People's Lives
PLoS ONE . 2015 ;10(7):e0132410. Impact-Faktor: 3.234
Cieza A, Oberhauser C, Bickenbach J, Jones RN, Ustun TB, Kostanjsek N, Morris JN, Chatterji S
The English are healthier than the Americans: really?
Int J Epidemiol . 2015 Feb;44(1):229-38. Impact-Faktor: 9.176
Cieza A, Anczewska M, Ayuso-Mateos JL, Baker M, Bickenbach J, Chatterji S, Hartley S, Leonardi M, Pitkanen T,
Understanding the Impact of Brain Disorders: Towards a 'Horizontal Epidemiology' of Psychosocial Difficulties and Their Determinants
PLoS ONE . 2015 ;10(9):e0136271. Impact-Faktor: 3.234
Coenen M, Cabello M, Umlauf S, Ayuso-Mateos JL, Anczewska M, Tourunen J, Leonardi M, Cieza A,
Psychosocial difficulties from the perspective of persons with neuropsychiatric disorders
Disabil Rehabil . 2015 Aug 18;():1-12. Impact-Faktor: 1.985
Corradini S, Niyazi M, Niemoeller OM, Li M, Roeder F, Eckel R, Schubert-Fritschle G, Scheithauer HR, Harbeck N, Engel J, Belka C
Adjuvant radiotherapy after breast conserving surgery - a comparative effectiveness research study
Radiother Oncol . 2015 Jan;114(1):28-34. Impact-Faktor: 4.363
De Bin R, Janitza S, Sauerbrei W, Boulesteix AL
Subsampling versus bootstrapping in resampling-based model selection for multivariable regression
Biometrics . 2015 Aug 19;():. Impact-Faktor: 1.568
De Bin R,, Severini TA & Sartori N
Integrated likelihoods in models with stratum nuisance parameters
Electronic Journal of Statistics . 2015 ;7(1):1474-1491. Impact-Faktor: 0.957
De Bourdeaudhuij I, Verbestel V, De Henauw S, Maes L, Huybrechts I, Mårild S, Eiben G, Moreno LA, Barba G, Kovács É, Konstabel K, Tornaritis M, Gallois K, Hebestreit A, Pigeot I; IDEFICS consortium
Behavioural effects of a community-oriented setting-based intervention for prevention of childhood obesity in eight European countries. Main results from the IDEFICS study.
Obes Rev. 2015 Dec;16 Suppl 2:30-40. doi: 10.1111/obr.12347.
Delfau-Larue MH, Klapper W, Berger F, Jardin F, Briere J, Salles G, Casasnovas O, Feugier P, Haioun C, Ribrag V, Thieblemont C, Unterhalt M, Dreyling M, Macintyre E, Pott C, Hermine O, Hoster E, Lymphoma Network
High-dose cytarabine does not overcome the adverse prognostic value of CDKN2A and TP53 deletions in mantle cell lymphoma
Blood . 2015 Jul 30;126(5):604-11. Impact-Faktor: 10.452
Doerr M, Hoelzel D, Schubert-Fritschle G, Engel J, Schlesinger-Raab A
Changes in prognostic and therapeutic parameters in prostate cancer from an epidemiological view over 20 years
Oncol Res Treat . 2015 ;38(1-2):8-14. Impact-Faktor: 0
Duer M, Coenen M, Stoffer MA, Fialka-Moser V, Kautzky-Willer A, Kjeken I, Dragoi RG, Mattsson M, Bostrom C, Smolen J, Stamm TA
Do patient-reported outcome measures cover personal factors important to people with rheumatoid arthritis? A mixed methods design using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health as frame of reference
Health Qual Life Outcomes . 2015 ;13():27. Impact-Faktor: 2.120
Fabarius A, Kalmanti L, Dietz CT, Lauseker M, Rinaldetti S, Haferlach C, Gohring G, Schlegelberger B, Jotterand M, Hanfstein B, Seifarth W, Hanel M, Kohne CH, Lindemann HW, Berdel WE, Staib P, Mueller MC, Proetel U, Balleisen L, Goebeler ME, Dengler J, Falge C, Kanz L, Burchert A, Kneba M, Stegelmann F, Pfreundschuh M, Waller CF, Spiekermann K, Brummendorf TH, Edinger M, Hofmann WK, Pfirrmann M, Hasford J, Krause S, Hochhaus A, Saussele S, Hehlmann R, , German CMLStudyGroup
Impact of unbalanced minor route versus major route karyotypes at diagnosis on prognosis of CML
Ann Hematol . 2015 Dec;94(12):2015-24. Impact-Faktor: 2.634
Fuchs J, Scheidt-Nave C, Gaertner B, Dapp U, Renteln-Kruse W, Saum KU, Thorand B, Strobl R, Grill E
[Frailty in Germany: status and perspectives : Results from a workshop of the German Society for Epidemiology]
Z Gerontol Geriatr . 2015 Dec 14;():. Impact-Faktor: 0.805
Gerhardus A, Rehfuess E, Zeeb H
[Evidence-based health promotion and prevention in settings: which types of study designs are needed?]
Z Evid Fortbild Qual Gesundhwes . 2015 ;109(1):40-5. Impact-Faktor: 0
Guethoff S, Stroeh K, Grinninger C, Koenig MA, Kleinert EC, Rieger A, Mayr T, Ziegler F, Reichart B, Hagl C, Schramm R, Kaczmarek I, Meiser BM
De novo sirolimus with low-dose tacrolimus versus full-dose tacrolimus with mycophenolate mofetil after heart transplantation--8-year results
J Heart Lung Transplant . 2015 May;34(5):634-42. Impact-Faktor: 6.650
Haese JG, Neumann J, Weniger M, Pratschke S, Bjornsson B, Ardiles V, Chapman W, Hernandez-Alejandro R, Soubrane O, Robles-Campos R, Stojanovic M, Valle R, Chan AC, Coenen M, Guba M, Werner J, Schadde E, Angele MK
Should ALPPS be Used for Liver Resection in Intermediate-Stage HCC?
Ann Surg Oncol . 2015 Dec 8;():. Impact-Faktor: 3.930
Halfter K, Ditsch N, Kolberg HC, Fischer H, Hauzenberger T, Koch FE, Bauerfeind I, Minckwitz G, Funke I, Crispin A, Mayer B, Sphero NEOStudyGroup
Prospective cohort study using the breast cancer spheroid model as a predictor for response to neoadjuvant therapy--the SpheroNEO study
BMC Cancer . 2015 ;15():519. Impact-Faktor: 3.36
Harder T, Sin M, Bosch-Capblanch X, Bruno Coignard, Gomes H, Duclos P, Eckmanns T, Elder R, Ellis S, Forland F, Garner P, James R, Jansen A, Krause G, Levy-Bruhl D, Morgan A, Meerpohl JJ, Norris S, Rehfuess E, Sanchez-Vivar A, Schunemann H, Takla A, Wichmann O, Zingg W, Zuiderent-Jerak T
Towards a framework for evaluating and grading evidence in public health
Health Policy . 2015 Jun;119(6):732-6. Impact-Faktor: 1.907
Heinemann V, Stintzing S, Modest DP, Giessen-Jung C, Michl M, Mansmann UR
Early tumour shrinkage (ETS) and depth of response (DpR) in the treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC)
Eur J Cancer . 2015 Sep;51(14):1927-36. Impact-Faktor: 5.417
Hetterich H, Willner M, Habbel C, Herzen J, Hoffmann VS, Fill S, Hipp A, Marschner M, Schuller U, Auweter S, Massberg S, Reiser MF, Pfeiffer F, Saam T, Bamberg F
X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography of human coronary arteries
Invest Radiol . 2015 Oct;50(10):686-94. Impact-Faktor: 4.437
Hoffmann VS, Neumann L, Golgert S, Renteln-Kruse W
Pro-Active Fall-Risk Management Is Mandatory to Sustain in Hospital-Fall Prevention in Older Patients - Validation of the LUCAS Fall-Risk Screening in 2,337 Patients
J Nutr Health Aging . 2015 ;19(10):1012-8. Impact-Faktor: 2.996
Hoffmann VS, Baccarani M, Hasford J, Lindoerfer D, Burgstaller S, Sertic D, Costeas P, Mayer J, Indrak K, Everaus H, Koskenvesa P, Guilhot J, Schubert-Fritschle G, Castagnetti F, Raimondo F, Lejniece S, Griskevicius L, Thielen N, Sacha T, Hellmann A, Turkina AG, Zaritskey A, Bogdanovic A, Sninska Z, Zupan I, Steegmann JL, Simonsson B, Clark RE, Covelli A, Guidi G, Hehlmann R
The EUTOS population-based registry: incidence and clinical characteristics of 2904 CML patients in 20 European Countries
Leukemia . 2015 Jun;29(6):1336-43. Impact-Faktor: 10.431
Hollederer A, Braun GE, Dahlhoff G, Drexler H, Engel J, Grassel E, Hausler E, Heide H, Heuschmann PU, Horl G, Imhof H, Kaplan M, Kasperbauer R, Klemperer D, Kolominsky-Rabas P, Kuhn J, Lang M, Langejurgen R, Lankes A, Leidl R, Liebl B, Loss J, Ludewig K, Mansmann U, Melcop N, Nagels K, Nowak D, Pfundner H, Reuschenbach B, Schneider A, Schneider W, Schoffski O, Schreiber W, Voigtlander S, Wildner M, Zapf A, Zellner A
[Memorandum 'Development of health services research in Bavaria from the perspective of the Bavarian State Working Group 'Health Services Research (LAGeV)': status quo - potential - strategies']
Gesundheitswesen . 2015 Mar;77(3):180-5. Impact-Faktor: 0.741
Hornung R, Bernau C, Truntzer C, Wilson R, Stadler T, Boulesteix AL
A measure of the impact of CV incompleteness on prediction error estimation with application to PCA and normalization
BMC Med Res Methodol . 2015 ;15():95. Impact-Faktor: 2.27
Hoster E, Geisler CH, Doorduijn J, Holt B, Walewski J, Bloehdorn J, Ribrag V, Salles G, Hallek M, Pott C, Szymczyk M, Kolstad A, Laurell A, Raty R, Jerkeman M, Veer M, Kluin-Nelemans JC, Klapper W, Unterhalt M, Dreyling M, Hermine O
Total body irradiation after high-dose cytarabine in mantle cell lymphoma: a comparison of Nordic MCL2, HOVON-45, and European MCL Younger trials
Leukemia . 2015 Nov 24;():. Impact-Faktor: 10.431
Janitza S, Binder H, Boulesteix AL
Pitfalls of hypothesis tests and model selection on bootstrap samples: Causes and consequences in biometrical applications
Biom J . 2015 Sep 15;():. Impact-Faktor: 0.945
Kalmanti L, Saussele S, Lauseker M, Mueller MC, Dietz CT, Heinrich L, Hanfstein B, Proetel U, Fabarius A, Krause SW, Rinaldetti S, Dengler J, Falge C, Oppliger-Leibundgut E, Burchert A, Neubauer A, Kanz L, Stegelmann F, Pfreundschuh M, Spiekermann K, Scheid C, Pfirrmann M, Hochhaus A, Hasford J, Hehlmann R
Safety and efficacy of imatinib in CML over a period of 10 years: data from the randomized CML-study IV
Leukemia . 2015 May;29(5):1123-32. Impact-Faktor: 10.431
Kamenov K, Cabello M, Coenen M, Ayuso-Mateos JL
How much do we know about the functional effectiveness of interventions for depression? A systematic review
J Affect Disord . 2015 Dec 1;188():89-96. Impact-Faktor: 3.383
Kiltz U, Heijde D, Boonen A, Cieza A, Stucki G, Khan MA, Maksymowych WP, Marzo-Ortega H, Reveille J, Stebbings S, Bostan C, Braun J
Development of a health index in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (ASAS HI): final result of a global initiative based on the ICF guided by ASAS
Ann Rheum Dis . 2015 May;74(5):830-5. Impact-Faktor: 10.377
Kirschneck M, Legner R, Armbrust W, Nowak D, Cieza A
[Can ICF core sets be helpful in preparing a social-medical expert report due to incapacity to work?--a first proposal]
Rehabilitation (Stuttg) . 2015 Apr;54(2):92-101. Impact-Faktor: 0.946
Klingshirn H, Grill E, Bender A, Strobl R, Mittrach R, Braitmayer K, Mueller M
Quality of evidence of rehabilitation interventions in long-term care for people with severe disorders of consciousness after brain injury: A systematic review
J Rehabil Med . 2015 Aug 18;47(7):577-85. Impact-Faktor: 1.683
Kolben T, Schwarz TM, Goess C, Blume C, Degenhardt T, Engel J, Wuerstlein R, Ditsch N, Harbeck N, Kahlert S
Surgical management of ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence
Int J Surg . 2015 Nov;23(Pt A):141-146. Impact-Faktor: 1.531
Kolben T, Harbeck N, Wuerstlein R, Schubert-Fritschle G, Bauerfeind I, Schrodi S, Engel J
Endocrine sensitivity is decisive for patient outcome in small node-negative breast cancers (BC) (pT1a,b) - results from the Munich Cancer Registry
Breast . 2015 Feb;24(1):24-31. Impact-Faktor: 1.411
Kovács E, Hunsberger M, Reisch L, Gwozdz W, Eiben G, De Bourdeaudhuij I, Russo P, Veidebaum T, Hadjigeorgiou C, Sieri S, Moreno LA, Pigeot I, Ahrens W, Pohlabeln H, Molnár D; IDEFICS consortium.
Obes Rev. 2015 Dec;16 Suppl 2:138-50. doi: 10.1111/obr.12349.
Kus S, Frisch D, Schuh A
Results of a Survey of Insurance Holders on Cure Regimes Performed in Foreign European Countries
Gesundheitswesen . 2015 Jul 27;():. Impact-Faktor: 0.741
Lauseker M, Schemenau J, Strupp C, Kundgen A, Gattermann N, Hasford J, Germing U
In patients with myelodysplastic syndromes with del(5q), factors other than age and sex contribute to the prognostic advantage, which diminishes over time
Br J Haematol . 2015 Sep;170(5):687-93. Impact-Faktor: 4.971
Lauseker M, Hasford J, Hoffmann VS, Mueller MC, Hehlmann R, Pfirrmann M, German CMLStudyGroup
A multi-state model approach for prediction in chronic myeloid leukaemia
Ann Hematol . 2015 Jun;94(6):919-27. Impact-Faktor: 2.634
Lauseker M
Reflections on the true nature of spatial clusters in myelodysplastic syndromes
Leuk Lymphoma . 2015 Oct 8;():1-2. Impact-Faktor: 2.891
Laxe S, Cieza A, Castano-Monsalve B
Rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury in the light of the ICF
NeuroRehabilitation . 2015 ;36(1):37-43. Impact-Faktor: 1.124
Leich E, Hoster E, Wartenberg M, Unterhalt M, Siebert R, Koch K, Klapper W, Engelhard M, Puppe B, Horn H, Staiger AM, Stuhlmann-Laeisz C, Bernd HW, Feller AC, Hummel M, Lenze D, Stein H, Hartmann S, Hansmann ML, Moller P, Hiddemann W, Dreyling M, Ott G, Rosenwald A, Study Group
Similar clinical features in follicular lymphomas with and without breaks in the BCL2 locus
Leukemia . 2015 Dec 1;():. Impact-Faktor: 10.431
Li J, Ye C, Mansmann UR
Comparing patient-derived xenograft and computational response prediction for targeted therapy in patients of early-stage large cell lung cancer
Clin Cancer Res . 2015 Dec 4;():. Impact-Faktor: 8.722
Li J, Mansmann UR
A microRNA molecular modeling extension for prediction of colorectal cancer treatment
BMC Cancer . 2015 ;15():472. Impact-Faktor: 3.36
Lindoerfer D, Mansmann U
A Comprehensive Assessment Tool for Patient Registry Software Systems: The CIPROS Checklist
Methods Inf Med . 2015 Oct 12;54(5):447-54. Impact-Faktor: 2.248
Maier T, Kulichova D, Schotten K, Astrid R, Ruzicka T, Berking C, Udrea A
Accuracy of a smartphone application using fractal image analysis of pigmented moles compared to clinical diagnosis and histological result
J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol . 2015 Apr;29(4):663-7. Impact-Faktor: 2.826
Meinel FG, Nance JW,Jr, Schoepf UJ, Hoffmann VS, Thierfelder KM, Costello P, Goldhaber SZ, Bamberg F
Predictive Value of Computed Tomography in Acute Pulmonary Embolism: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Am J Med . 2015 Jul;128(7):747-59 e2. Impact-Faktor: 5.003
Metz I, Rothmaier K, Pitchika V, Crispin A, Hickel R, Garcia-Godoy F, Bucher K, Kuhnisch J
Risk factors for secondary caries in direct composite restorations in primary teeth
Int J Paediatr Dent . 2015 Nov;25(6):451-61. Impact-Faktor: 1.338
Michl M, Thurmaier J, Schubert-Fritschle G, Wiedemann M, Laubender RP, Nussler NC, Ruppert R, Kleeff J, Schepp W, Reuter C, Lohe F, Karthaus M, Neumann J, Kirchner T, Engel J, Heinemann V
Brain Metastasis in Colorectal Cancer Patients: Survival and Analysis of Prognostic Factors
Clin Colorectal Cancer . 2015 Dec;14(4):281-90. Impact-Faktor: 2.813
Michl M, Heinemann V, Jung A, Engel J, Kirchner T, Neumann J
Expression of cancer stem cell markers in metastatic colorectal cancer correlates with liver metastasis, but not with metastasis to the central nervous system
Pathol Res Pract . 2015 Aug;211(8):601-9. Impact-Faktor: 1.397
Mueller M, Whitney SL, Alghwiri A, Alshebber K, Strobl R, Alghadir A, Al-Momani MO, Furman JM, Grill E
Subscales of the vestibular activities and participation questionnaire could be applied across cultures
J Clin Epidemiol . 2015 Feb;68(2):211-9. Impact-Faktor: 3.417
Mueller M, Bartoszek G, Beutner K, Klingshirn H, Saal S, Stephan AJ, Strobl R, Grill E, Meyer G
Developing and piloting a multifactorial intervention to address participation and quality of life in nursing home residents with joint contractures (JointConImprove): study protocol
Ger Med Sci . 2015 ;13():Doc13. Impact-Faktor: 0
Mueller R, Peter C, Cieza A, Post MW, Leeuwen CM, Werner CS, Geyh S, Swi SCIStudyGroup
Social skills: a resource for more social support, lower depression levels, higher quality of life, and participation in individuals with spinal cord injury?
Arch Phys Med Rehabil . 2015 Mar;96(3):447-55. Impact-Faktor: 2.565
Nasseh D, Stausberg J
Evaluation of a Binary Semi-supervised Classification Technique for Probabilistic Record Linkage
Methods Inf Med . 2015 Apr 20;54(20150420):. Impact-Faktor: 2.248
Nehring I, Kostka T, Kries R, Rehfuess EA
Impacts of in utero and early infant taste experiences on later taste acceptance: a systematic review
J Nutr . 2015 Jun;145(6):1271-9. Impact-Faktor: 3.9
Neuberger M, Hapfelmeier A, Schmidt M, Gesierich W, Reichenberger F, Morresi-Hauf A, Hatz RA, Lindner M
Carcinoid tumours of the lung and the 'PEPPS' approach: evaluation of preoperative bronchoscopic tumour debulking as preparation for subsequent parenchyma-sparing surgery
BMJ Open Respir Res . 2015 ;2(1):e000090. Impact-Faktor: 3.093
Neusser M, Rogenhofer N, Durl S, Ochsenkuhn R, Trottmann M, Jurinovic V, Steinlein O, Schonfeldt V, Mueller S, Thaler CJ
Increased chromosome 16 disomy rates in human spermatozoa and recurrent spontaneous abortions
Fertil Steril . 2015 Nov;104(5):1130-1137 e10. Impact-Faktor: 4.590
Nji AM, Ali IM, Moyeh MN, Ngongang EO, Ekollo AM, Chedjou JP, Ndikum VN, Evehe MS, Froeschl G, Heumann C, Mansmann U, Ogundahunsi O, Mbacham WF
Randomized non-inferiority and safety trial of dihydroartemisin-piperaquine and artesunate-amodiaquine versus artemether-lumefantrine in the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Cameroonian children
Malar J . 2015 ;14():27. Impact-Faktor: 3.109
Oliva EN, Lauseker M, Spiriti MA, Poloni A, Cortelezzi A, Palumbo GA, Balleari E, Sanpaolo G, Volpe A, Ricco A, Ronco F, Alati C, Errigo MG, Santacaterina I, Kundgen A, Germing U, Latagliata R
Early lenalidomide treatment for low and intermediate-1 International Prognostic Scoring System risk myelodysplastic syndromes with del(5q) before transfusion dependence
Cancer Med . 2015 Sep 17;():. Impact-Faktor: 2.5
Pastore A, Jurinovic V, Kridel R, Hoster E, Staiger AM, Szczepanowski M, Pott C, Kopp N, Murakami M, Horn H, Leich E, Moccia AA, Mottok A, Sunkavalli A, Hummelen P, Ducar M, Ennishi D, Shulha HP, Hother C, Connors JM, Sehn LH, Dreyling M, Neuberg D, Moller P, Feller AC, Hansmann ML, Stein H, Rosenwald A, Ott G, Klapper W, Unterhalt M, Hiddemann W, Gascoyne RD, Weinstock DM, Weigert O
Integration of gene mutations in risk prognostication for patients receiving first-line immunochemotherapy for follicular lymphoma: a retrospective analysis of a prospective clinical trial and validation in a population-based registry
Lancet Oncol . 2015 Sep;16(9):1111-22. Impact-Faktor: 24.69
Pfadenhauer LM, Rehfuess E
Towards effective and socio-culturally appropriate sanitation and hygiene interventions in the Philippines: a mixed method approach
Int J Environ Res Public Health . 2015 Feb;12(2):1902-27. Impact-Faktor: 2.063
Pfadenhauer LM, Mozygemba K, Gerhardus A, Hofmann B, Booth A, Lysdahl KB, Tummers M, Burns J, Rehfuess EA
Context and implementation: A concept analysis towards conceptual maturity
Z Evid Fortbild Qual Gesundhwes . 2015 ;109(2):103-14. Impact-Faktor: 0
Pfirrmann M, Lauseker M, Hoffmann VS, Hasford J
Prognostic scores for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia under particular consideration of competing causes of death
Ann Hematol . 2015 Apr;94 Suppl 2():S209-18. Impact-Faktor: 2.634
Polus S, Lewin S, Glenton C, Lerberg PM, Rehfuess E, Gulmezoglu AM
Optimizing the delivery of contraceptives in low- and middle-income countries through task shifting: a systematic review of effectiveness and safety
Reprod Health . 2015 ;12():27. Impact-Faktor: 1.88
Ptyushkin P, Cieza A, Stucki G
Most common problems across health conditions as described by the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health
Int J Rehabil Res . 2015 Sep;38(3):253-62. Impact-Faktor: 1.284
Rehfuess EA, Puzzolo E, Stanistreet D, Pope D, Bruce NG
[In Process Citation]
Z Evid Fortbild Qual Gesundhwes . 2015 ;109(1):51-3. Impact-Faktor: 0
Reulen HJ, Poepperl G, Goetz C, Gildehaus FJ, Schmidt M, Tatsch K, Pietsch T, Kraus T, Rachinger W
Long-term outcome of patients with WHO Grade III and IV gliomas treated by fractionated intracavitary radioimmunotherapy
J Neurosurg . 2015 Sep;123(3):760-70. Impact-Faktor: 1.67
Rottenkolber M, Voogd E, Dijk L, Primatesta P, Becker C, Schlienger R, Groot MC, Alvarez Y, Durand J, Slattery J, Afonso A, Requena G, Gil M, Alvarez A, Hesse U, Gerlach R, Hasford J, Fischer R, Klungel OH, Schmiedl S
Time trends of period prevalence rates of patients with inhaled long-acting beta-2-agonists-containing prescriptions: a European comparative database study
PLoS ONE . 2015 ;10(2):e0117628. Impact-Faktor: 3.234
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