Barbara Schuster

Barbara Schuster


Early Stage Researcher at Department of Dermatology and Allergy, Technical University of Munich - TUM


Department of Dermatology and Allergy
Technical University of Munich
Biedersteinerstr. 29,
D-80802 Munich

Telefon: +49 89 4140 3198

Research Interest

Diseases and lesions of the skin affect dermatological patients not only physically but also mentally. Due to the high visibility of skin diseases, dermatological patients are often confronted with stigmatization or social exclusion. Studies have shown that about a third of dermatological patients show underlying psychological disorders or symptoms such as anxiety, depression and addiction. Many of those go undetected and untreated and lead to a poorer prognosis for the patients. However, the connection between skin and mind is not unidirectional but bidirectional. Consequently, skin diseases can not only cause mental problems such as depression and anxiety, but some of them can also be triggered by psychological factors such as stress (e.g. psoriasis or atopic eczema) or are even directly caused by mental disorders (e.g. dermatitis artefacta).
Previous medical research about the interconnection between skin and mind focused predominantly on a pathological perspective, defining health rather than the absence of disease then the presence of well-being. The purpose of this project is to further explore the connection between mind and skin by taking a salutogenetic perspective and focusing on factors and traits that can help promote health in a holistic way.


Prof. Dr. med. Bernadette Eberlein

Curriculum Vitae


2018 - presentPh.D. candidate in Medical Research: Epidemiology & Public Health, LMU Munich, Germany
2017 - presentBachelor of Arts in in Psychology, PFH Göttingen, Germany
2016 - 2018 Master of Science in Public Health, LMU Munich, Germany
2012 - 2016 Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science, LMU Munich, Germany


Peer Reviewed Publications

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