Advanced Methods in Clinical Epidemiology: Design, Evidence Synthesis, Safety and Quality

This course is divided into 15 thematic areas covering topics related to complex study designs, advanced aspects of prognosis and diagnosis studies, as well as studies in health economics, development of treatment guidelines, pharmaceutical safety, quality assurance and work strategies of organizations investigating benefits and harms of medical interventions (IQWiG and NICE).


Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in epidemiology

Type of examination: Written exam

Course coordinator: Prof. U. Mansmann

When: Winter Semester (Jan/Feb) – 2 weeks

How to register? Please contact the PhD program Office phd@ibe.med.uni-muenchen.de

Course Structure

Seminar – With help of original literature, students learn how to develop complex study designs, how to verify the effectiveness of complex interventions, how guidelines for clinical practice are developed and how to critically assess register-based evidence. In addition, they will become familiar with the concepts of pharmaceutical safety and quality assurance in the clinic and in clinical studies, as well as the concepts of health services research.

Exercises – Practical exercises for each of the topics discussed in the seminar allow the students to apply learnt theory in practice.