Ph.D. Program - Medical Research in Epidemiology & Public Health

In this section you will find information about the courses offered to our Ph.D. students. These courses are also open to doctoral candidates from other programs within the MMRS.

  • Ph.D. Journal Club


    Once a month all PhD students of the program meet to discuss scientific publications related to various aspects of epidemiology and public health. mehr

  • Quantitative Methods


    The aim of the course is to provide the students with sound knowledge in statistics. The course consists of various elements to ensure that despite potential differences in the educational background all the students can learn something new. mehr

  • Advanced Methods in Epidemiology


    The course on Advanced Methods in Epidemiology aims to provide the participants with the knowledge on planning, funding, implementation, analysis and dissemination of results in the epidemiological studies. In addition to learning theory students can test their acquired skills in practical exercises. mehr

  • Seminar in Advanced Epidemiology


    During the seminars on Advanced Epidemiology, students get familiar with theory and literature based practice of different advanced study designs, including also ecological study designs and their various applications. Important aspects in discussion of each study type are sources of biases and potentials to control bias and confounding. mehr

  • Courses in Applied Epidemiology


    The Applied Epidemiology Module build upon the knowledge acquired in the course of Epidemiology and Research Design. In the autonomous units the participants have an opportunity to get more detailed insight in the practice of epidemiological research in the area of Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, Mental Health and Pharmacoepidemiology. mehr

  • Clinical Epidemiology II


    The Clinical Epidemiology II module consists of two thematic units – Defining and Measuring Endpoints for Clinical Studies and Advanced Statistical Methods. mehr

  • Advanced Methods in Clinical Epidemiology: Design, Evidence Synthesis, Safety and Quality


    This course is divided into 15 thematic blocs covering topics related to complex study designs, advanced aspects of prognosis and diagnosis studies as well as studies in health economics, development of treatment guidelines, pharmaceutical safety, quality assurance and work strategies of organizations, investigating benefits and harms of medical interventions (IQWiG and NICE). mehr

  • Medical Informatics and Regulatory Issues in Clinical Research


    The course is divided into two thematic units – Medical Informatics and Regulatory Issues in Clinical Trials. mehr

  • Recent Developments in Biostatistics


    This course provides an insight into the state of the art methods in the research relevant to at least one of the following fields - Epidemiology, Clinical Epidemiology, Genetic Epidemiology or Environmental & Occupational Epidemiology. During the course the students learn the rationale for developing new methods and understand the advantage of applying the new methodology. mehr