Ph.D. Program - Medical Research in Epidemiology & Public Health

An important component of our Ph.D. Program is the annual Ph.D. Retreat. All of our students are required to attend the three to four day retreat whereby they have the opportunity to present their research to colleagues, faculty members, and invited speakers and profit from their experience.

The format of the retreat, tailored according to the needs of the students, fosters the interactions between young researchers working at different institutions. It also provides an excellent 'hands on' experience in project management as our fellows are encouraged to take an active part in the retreat organisation.

  • Ph.D. Retreat 2018 - Eibseehotel, June 3-6

    The 2018 Ph.D. Retreat took place from June 3rd to June 6th at the Eibseehotel. Located directly at the beautiful Eibsee, at the foot of the Zugspitze, the hotel offered everything – tranquility, recreation, lake and mountain activities, just to mention few. mehr

  • Ph.D. Retreat 2017 - Schliersbergalm, June 18-21


    The 2017 PhD Retreat took place from June 18th to 21st in the Alpine foothills above Schliersee, at the Schliersbergalm Hotel. mehr

  • Ph.D. Retreat 2016 - Schliersbergalm, June 20-23


    The PhD Retreat 2016 took place from June 20-23 at Schliersbergalm. Beautiful surroundings and peacefulness of the house on top of a hill, far away from the daily rush created a perfect atmosphere for vivid discussions during the talks and outside the seminar room. mehr