Supplementary files - Schueller, Boulesteix, Bischl, Unger, Hornung


Improved outcome prediction across data source through robust parameter tuning

Nicole Schüller, Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Bernd Bischl, Kristian Unger, Roman Hornung

Contact: Nicole Schüller


Supplementary files download:

The PDF file suppmat1_schuellertr (~ 0.3 MB; version: 2019/03/18) contains various contents referred to in the paper.

The zipped folder suppmat2_schuellertr (~ XX MB; version: 2019/03/XX) contains all R Code written to perform the analyses presented in the article and in suppmat1_schuellertr (Supplementary Material 1) as well as Rda files enabling fast evaluation of the results. The pre-processed versions of the data sets as used in the analysis are not included in Supplementary Material 2 due to their large sizes. However, they are available from the corresponding author Nicole Schüller upon request.