Ph.D. Program - Medical Research in Epidemiology & Public Health

Welcome to the Ph.D. program - Medical Research in Epidemiology and Public Health (Ph.D.-EPH)

This international and interdisciplinary structured Ph.D. program is part of the Pettenkofer School of Public Health and the Munich Medical Research School. We offer talented doctoral candidates research and training opportunities in the following fields:


• Clinical, Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology
• Clinical Trials and Translational Medicine
• Environmental Risk Factors on Health and Disease
• Genomic and Molecular Medicine
• Digital Health
• Clinical and Evidence-based Prevention
• Health Services Research
• Health Economics
• Evidence-based Public Health

Each of our Ph.D. candidates, in close collaboration with his or her direct supervisor and other members of the TAC Thesis Advisory Committee, define the specific research aims and curriculum content that he or she will follow during the (minimum) three years of study. This individual tailor-made training and supervision concept ensures that the needs of each Ph.D. candidate are met on their way to obtaining their degree.


During the Ph.D., each doctoral candidate must acquire 180 ECTS.
Curricular activities cover 30 ECTS and are divided into three modules:

17 ECTS - Method Courses - improving knowledge and methodological skills related directly to the Ph.D. project
 8  ECTS - Conferences & Retreats
 5  ECTS - Transferable Skills

The remaining credits are achieved within the scope of research work which includes writing the Ph.D. thesis in English (140 ECTS) and the oral thesis defence (10 ECTS). To learn more about the general framework of the Ph.D. Program and the formal requirements for our Ph.D. candidates, please visit the MMRS website.

Costs & Funding

The Ph.D. program is free of charge with the exception of the LMU enrolment fee (approx. 150€ per semester). The estimated costs of living in Munich are at 1000-1500€ per month. Please note that we do not provide any scholarships. Here you can find information about funding possibilities beyond our Ph.D. program.

Flyer (PDF, 1,3 MB)