Dipl.-Stat. Monika Jelizarow

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  • M. Jelizarow, U. Mansmann and Jelle J. Goeman, 2014. A Cochran-Armitage-type and a score-free global test for multivariate ordinal data. Submitted
  • M. Jelizarow, A. Cieza, U. Mansmann, 2013. Global permutation tests for multivariate ordinal data: alternatives, test statistics, and the null dilemma. To appear in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C (Applied Statistics). Preliminary version
  • V. Guillemot, M. Jelizarow, A. Tenenhaus, A.-L. Boulesteix, 2011. SHrinkage covariance estimation incorporating prior biological knowledge with applications to high-dimensional data. Proceedings of the 58th ISI World Statistics Congress
  • M. Jelizarow, V. Guillemot, A. Tenenhaus, K. Strimmer, A.-L.Boulesteix, 2010. Over-optimism in bioinformatics: an illustration. Bioinformatics 26:1990-1998
  • M. Jelizarow, V. Guillemot, 2010. SHIP (SHrinkage covariance Incorporating Prior knowledge). R package. Version 1.0.1