Markus Schwarz

Markus Schwarz


Early Stage Researcher


LMU Klinikum
MeDICLMU – LMU Klinikum
MeDICLMU – Medical Data Integration Center
Zentrum für Medizinische Datenintegration und -analyse
Campus Großhadern | Fraunhoferstr. 20 | 82152 Planegg

Telefon: +49 89 4400-72543

Project Title

Auditing Framework of ML Models Applied in Medicine

Research Interest

My project in the field of Auditable AI is about developing an auditing framework at MeDICLMU that helps the user in getting an objective overview of selected ML models/algorithms existing for prevention, diagnosis or treatment of illnesses. An assessment dashboard would clarify their intended use, assumptions, internal structures, training data and result performance. In a second step I will also work on a concept and methods how to automate the assessment steps.
My intended contribution aims at making ML model predictions being used more often, more effectively and more safely in the healthcare market.

I am always open and interested in scientific exchange of topics related to Auditable AI, AI Governance, Explainable AI or applied ML in general.


• Prof. Dr. Ludwig Christian Hinske (IBE, LMU Klinikum)
• Dr. Fady Albashiti (MeDICLMU)
• Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mansmann (IBE)


Previous Thesis Work

09/2016 Propensity Score Matching with Wolfram Mathematica – An Application in Health Economics
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Grebel
• Institute of Economic Policy
09/2015 Personalised medical laboratory service done online in Germany? A comparative feasibility study with Estonia using minu.synlab.ee private patient portal as an example
• Supervisors: Prof. Peeter Ross (MD, PhD), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vesselin Detschew, Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Faulbrück-Röhr
• eMedicine Laboratory of Technical University Tallinn, Institute of Biomedical Technology
08/2011 Is the GDP still relevant as an indicator for wealth? – A critical analysis of alternative approaches
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Baumgärtler
• Department of Business Administration and Industrial Engineering


10/2020 – present
LMU Munich
• Ph.D. Candidate Medical Research in Medical Information Processing, Biometry and Epidemiology
10/2012 – 09/2016 Ilmenau University of Technology
• M.Sc. Business Information Systems Engineering
• M.Sc. Media Economics
10/2007 – 08/2011 Univ. of Applied Sciences Offenburg & Univ. of Education Freiburg
• B.Eng. Media Technology and Economics

Work Experience

03/2017 – present SYNLAB International GmbH, Data & Analytics
• Team Lead Global Master Data Management (since 10/2018), part-time since 10/2020
• Data Management Expert
06/2010 – present Self-employed IT Consultant
• Design, analysis, deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure and software
• Target group: small architecture, engineering and healthcare customers