Seminar "Applied Statistics in Epidemiology"

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Anne-Laure Boulesteix

This seminar is for master students of Public Health and Epidemiology and for master students of Statistics. (registration closed).


The seminar will take place from 1st of August to 5th of August at the IBE (Klinikum Großhadern). Times and places will be announced soon.

8. April 2016 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm Introduction and topic assignment tba (IBE)

Description and contents

The idea of the seminar is innovative and unique. Pairs consisting of one Master student of Statistics and one Master student of Epidemiology/Public Health will be built. Both together will work on a statistical paper and an epidemiological paper on a given topic (for example, statistical modelling of infectious diseases, vaccine efficacy, longitudinal data, high dimensional multi-omics data, prognostic models, etc), and present them orally.

The aim of the seminar is the intercommunication between master students of Statistics and master students of Epidemiology/Public Health and the reciprocal knowledge transfer. Students will understand the content and methodical perspective of  each others’ specific field and ideally will be inspired by each others’  motivation.

Topics and papers will be offered by the instructor. Optionally, students are invited to suggest additional topics related to statistical methods in epidemiology and forward them to the instructor in advance.


  • Master students of Public Health and master students of Epidemiology receive 6 ECTS for oral presentation
  • Master students of Statistics receive 9 ECTS for oral presentation and a homework