Munich Network for Health Care Research: Project MobilE-TRA2

MobilE-TRA: outcomes-based decision support for treatment options

Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

Sponsored Period: 2017 – 2020, 2020 - 2024

MobilE-TRA is located at the IBE under supervision of Prof. Dr. Eva Grill.

In phase 1 (2017-2020), the project aimed to investigate determinants of treatment trajectories and outcomes in older adults with vertigo/dizziness/balance disorders (VDB) and osteoarthritis (OA) in primary care.

Current care practice in primary care settings is assumed to vary considerably for both vertigo and balance disorders. We hypothesize that there are several main potential transition points that are decisive for mobility and social participation, but are independent of patients’ individual risk profiles. In this context severity of the disease, comorbidity, patient-physician interaction, therapeutic decisions for or against a specific therapy and treatment in different sectors and their interfaces are examined.

Phase 2 (2020-2023) aims to investigate the behavioural, individual determinants of functioning, physical activity and quality of life after total hip replacement/total knee replacement (THR/TKR) and after interdisciplinary assessment of vertigo/dizziness/balance (VDB) disorders in older adults.

Current care practice in THR/TKR or VDB evaluation often fails to achieve mobility and participation goals in older adults. MobilE-TRA2 conducts an observational, longitudinal cohort study with patients undergoing THR/TKR and patients with VDB after interdisciplinary assessment. Based on insights from behavioural economics (BE), the project investigates determinants of quality of life, functioning and physical activity during discharge and rehabilitation planning and during aftercare. Special attention is payed to adherence to treatment recommendations.

We expect to deliver valuable insights that can directly be applied in ambulatory care and in discharge and rehabilitation planning.

Contact: Benedict KatzenbergerBMBF_RGB_Gef_L_e