Prof. Dr. Eva Hoster

  • Maria Blanco (Master Statistik, 2024): "Evaluation of statistical tests to detect survival probability differences using stratified Kaplan-Meier estimates with different variance estimators and weights" 
  • Katja Gutmair (Master Public Health, 2023): “Comparison of clinical outcomes between two first line rituximab-containing chemotherapy regimens, R-CHOP vs. R-B, followed by maintenance rituximab, in transplant-ineligible patients with mantle-cell lymphoma in an international study with pooled, prospective cohorts” 
  • Josef Pernerstorfer (Bachelor Statistik, 2023): “Statistical analysis and reporting of adverse events in clinical trials: recommendations, current practice and relevance for interpretation” 
  • Katja Gutmair (Bachelor Statistik, 2021): “Phase II Studies in Oncology: Current Practices of Choosing Group Configuration and Statistical Design” 
  • Peirong Huang (Bachelor Statistik, 2020): “A comparison of estimation methods for time to event outcomes in a clinical trial with two-stage randomization“