Prof. Dr. Eva Hoster

Erstbetreuung laufender Promotionen

  • Katja Gutmair (PhD Medical Research): MULTIPLY
  • Dan Huang (PhD Medical Research): “Constructing estimands for overall survival within causal frame work for dynamic treatment schemes in oncology: imulation and clinical trial examples”
  • Linmiao Jiang (PhD Medical Research): “Long-term Survival Trends in Advanced Stage Mantle Cell Lymphoma – A Longitudinal Analysis of GLSG / European MCL Network Clinical Trials, 1996-2010”

Mitglied im Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) laufender Promotionen

  • Lena Cimbalnik (Dr. med): “Etablierung neuer Assays zur Bestimmung der molekularen messbaren Resterkrankung bei Leukämien”
  • Megan Schroeder (PhD Medical Research): “Optimization of Eligibility Criteria and Enrichment Strategies of Heart Failure Trials: Deep-dive Into Sex Differences and NT-proBNP Values with Trial and Registry data”
  • Liye Lai (PhD Medical Research): “DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation in association with risk factors for cardiovascular diseases”