Supplementary files - Boulesteix, Bender, Lorenzo Bermejo and Strobl (2011)

Random forest Gini importance favors SNPs with large minor allele frequency

A.-L. Boulesteix, A. Bender, J. Lorenzo Bermejo and C.  Strobl, 2011

Published in Briefings in Bioinformatics 13: 292-304.

Contact: Anne-Laure Boulesteix

Supplementary files dowload:

  • The codes implementing our study:
    • Please unzip the file.
    • The figures can be reproduced by running the codes from the files Figure1.r, Figure2.r, etc in the directory "addfile_reproducibility".
    • The objects used to draw the figures are stored in the different directories (Analysen_Section2,...) and can be produced again by running the codes included in these directories.
  • The R package (Windows, Linux) "rFtools" by Andreas Bender is necessary to produce Figure 5 and Additional Figure 2.