Course Overview

The course is divided into thematic blocks containing lectures, seminars, computer classes, individual consultation and assignments distributed over the 10 days of classes. It covers the following topics:

Cancer Genomics
Clinical Studies and Translational Medicine
Ethical Aspects of Clinical and Genetic Epidemiology
Biomarker Driven Clinical Trails
Health Economics
Predictive Medicine
Prediction Models
Personalized Medicine in Cardiology
Direct-to-consumer genetic testing
Basic NGS Data Processing Exercise
Statistics for High-Dimensional Data
Data Integration and Knowledge Exploration
Data Sharing

Each of the topics is introduced by specialists in the respective field. The teaching language is English.


The course shows new paradigms to understand and treat complex diseases by combining genetics, biology, medicine and statistics. Therefore, advanced knowledge in at least two of these disciplines is required.


All participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded a Certificate of Participation. Students can obtain 3 ECTS after delivering an assigned presentation.

Course materials

Winter School participants will recieve all the hand-outs and preparatory materials in digital form shortly before the start of the school. Participants can also obtain hard copies of the material during the classes. The information needed to access the course materials will be provided by the course coordinator.