Munich Network for Health Care Research: MobilE-Net Coordinating Unit

Enabling participation by enabling MOBILity in older adults - Evidence-based health care research Network

Funded by: German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

Grant Number: 01GY1603A

Sponsored period: 2017 – 2020

The Munich Network for Health Care Research performs the network project MobilE-Net. This project aims to increase social participation and enhance quality of life in older adults by improving mobility.

16 partners including universities, health care practitioners, sponsors and public institutions come together to research the consequences of balance disorders and osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. The aim is to bundle research on social participation and quality of life, to implement results and to refine this process sustainably together with all involved partners.

The coordination unit and the sub-project MobilE-TRA is located at the IBE at the research team of Prof. Dr. Eva Grill.

Other sub-projects are MobilE-PRO located at the German Research Center for Environmental Health, Helmholtz Zentrum München (Prof. Dr. Reiner Leidl) and the Department of Health Services Management at LMU Munich (Prof. Dr. Leonie Sundmacher) and  MobilE-PHY located at the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim (Prof. Dr. Martin Müller and Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer).

All three projects are supported by the coordinating unit and work together, sharing and building on each other’s results.

For more information please visit our project website Munich Network for Health Care Research.

Contact: Dr. Daniela KollerBMBF_RGB_Gef_L_e