Public Health Nutrition

Course coordinator

Peter von Phlipsborn

Teaching staff Peter von Phlipsborn, Carmen Klinger



Course description This course will provide an overview on nutrition, health and sustainability from a public health perspective. A draft list of topics covered by the course is provided below.
Examination format

Peter von Phlipsborn

Teaching format Interactive seminar taught in-person with phases of group work and self-study
Course dates March 11-15, 2024
Contact person For any queries, please contact the course coordinater Peter von Philipsborn at pphilipsborn@ibe.med.uni-muenchen.de

Draft course outline:

· An overview on the global food system
· An introduction to human nutrition, health and disease
· Environmental impacts of food production and consumption
· Social, political and commercial determinants of nutrition
· Dietary assessment methods
· Qualitative and quantitative methods for evaluating food policies
· Methods for deriving multidimensional dietary recommendations and guidelines
· Complex systems approaches to food and nutrition
· The politics of food
· Current topics in food environment and foods systems research, policy and practice